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HDL Automation is an international technology company headquartered in guangzhou, committed to the field of smart home, smart buildings, smart hotels, to provide comprehensive intelligent control system and integrated solutions for the market.

HDL has established a sales and service network composed of core agents, distributors and engineers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and its products have been applied to tens of thousands of projects, such as dubai international airport, Australian institute of architects building 41X, Beijing contemporary MOMA apartment, macau Morpheus hotel and so on.

HDL intelligent control system is a distributed system, using its own communication protocol, can be connected with conventional electrical equipment, so that users through the wall panels, smart phones or tablet computers to control and manage the equipment in the building.

At the same time, the sensor and logic functions of the system can be combined to make the system automatically run related tasks.The intelligent control system of HDL is divided into wired system and wireless system.

Wired system is called “Buspro”, The wireless system is “Buspro Wireless”。At the same time, HDL is a manufacturer member of KNX international organization and a council member of KNX China organization, so it also provides intelligent control system products that support KNX protocol.
Some of our projects
Some of our projects
Some of our projects
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