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Hospitality is “the act of being friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors”. Venues, such as hotels, spas, restaurants, bars and clubs, make it their primary business to be hospitable. Technology can assist by providing the customer with added comfort and convenience, and the venue with energy-savings, enhanced security, and the simple management of systems from a centralised location.

Many hotel operators use PMS (Property Management Systems), to generate real time reports from each guest room, and speed up the delivery of guest services. This allows a hotel to allocate services on an as needed basis, saving energy, and reducing costs in the process.

One of our most outstanding achievements in the hospitality sector has been the seamless integration of our automation systems, with the existing PMS software employed by a multitude of hotels. 
We even provide our own guest room management software which allows hotel staff to focus on the necessities of running a hotel.

Minimizing energy costs and reducing environmental impact is a feature that underpins every HDL system. Guest rooms themselves can be programmed to automatically turn off all electrical appliances when the room is empty, reactivating only when the guest re-enters the room. This negates the negative effect of devices that are commonly left idle such as televisions, air conditioners, lights, fans, and chargers.

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